A piece of Sleeping Fawn History

A Letter from Agnes Littrell, a Previous Owner

Hi to Sleeping Fawn and the owners:

We have lots of fond memories of Stocking Lake and Sleeping Fawn. I will try to give you some facts as I remember them.

We bought the place from Mr. and Mrs. Ed Loft from Nevis in the 1950’s and kept it till 1963 or 1964 – with 40 acres and 1 central cabin, lots of big pine trees, and at that time there was only 1 resort at the other end of the lake – “Hoosier Beach” and 2 other cabins part way down the lake and Mr. & Mrs. Stroming owned the other place next to us.

We had been to Canada to visit some relatives and stopped in a filling station to get some gas and a cup of coffee, and they had a big old wood burning stove, in the back of it, sat a wooden box and a little fawn all curled up inside.

At that time Larry was a small child and quite fascinated with the fawn. When we left there, my husband said, if we ever get a cabin he was going to name it “Sleeping Fawn.” And that’s how it came to be.

When we first moved up there – the cabin sat in the middle of lots of trees and brush with a little path leading down to the lake.

We sold the place in 1963 or ’64, can’t remember which, moved to Texas in 1972.

I moved back up to South Dakota in “2000” after my husband died, and the following year I went on vacation for a week (with Larry and Marilyn) and we went to “Sleeping Fawn” for the week – a lot of changes had been made.

We had built 2 cabins – one on either side of the original cabin and I think Les and Delores built 2 more – 1 on each end of the original 3, making 5 and the next owner (I don’t remember their names) had added a recreation hall and the campgrounds.

Lots of good memories, and all that fresh country air – I’m 88 years old now so excuse the mistakes in my writing. I was talking to my niece in Indiana on the phone a couple nights ago – and she works in a store in Indiana.

She said a man came in the store with Park Rapids on the front of his Tee Shirt. She said “Oh, my aunt and uncle” used to live on a lake in Park Rapids. He said which lake and she said “Stocking Lake” and he said that’s where my cabin is. She got busy, he left, and she told me, wouldn’t that be a coincidence if they were from Hoosier Beach? He said he’d talk to her later, he had to go!


Agnes Littrell

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